Highway Dept. Information

Spring Trash Pick-Up for Town Residents outside of the Village of Brockport

Annual Trash Pick Up for Town Residents outside the Village of Brockport usually takes place in late April to early May. Specific dates are announced each Spring in the local paper and on the web site calendar along with details on items, times and regulations on trash pickup.

Fall Brush Pick Up for residents outside of the Village of Brockport

Fall brush pick up for residents outside of the Village of Brockport usually takes place in late October. Specific dates and information are published in the local papers and on the web site calendar.

All residents must have the brush at roadside by Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. Brush must be no longer than six (6) feet and piled parallel to the roadside. Only one pass will be made down each street.

Fall Leaf Pickup for Town Residents outside of the Village of Brockport

Leaf Pickup for Town Residents outside the Village of Brockport typically starts in October and lasts until mid-late November. This is for Town residents outside the Village of Brockport only. All leaves need to be raked to the road's edge to be picked up.

Snowplowing of Roads and Sidewalks

During the winter months the Town of Sweden has 74.46 miles of roads to be plowed. The Town owns 27.22 miles of road, 33.55 miles of road are owned by Monroe County, 13.69 miles of road are owned by New York State. Actual plowing mileage is double the distances above because both sides of the road need to be plowed.

Driveway Snowplowing

It is very important that during winter months residents do not deposit snow into the roadway when clearing their driveways. Whether you are clearing the driveway yourself or a contractor is handling it for you make sure the snow is cleared well off the shoulder of the roadway so it does not create a road hazard for oncoming traffic. Plowing or snow blowing into or across the street is unsafe, and against the law.

Mailbox Replacement

During winter snow removal the force of flying snow alone can displace an already weakened box, mount, or post. If town crews damage your mailbox during snow removal it is not done intentionally. As a courtesy, the Town of Sweden Highway Department will repair or replace mailboxes and posts if the damage was a result of the town's work. If replacement is warranted, it will be with a standard 4' x 4' wooden post and a standard galvanized steel box at no charge to the resident. Again, this is done as a courtesy and custom boxes or posts will only be replaced with the standard materials.

From past experience we have found that plastic mailboxes do not hold, and are not recommended during the winter months due to the cold weather. Posts with fancy supports are also not recommended. If you have a plastic or decorative mailbox we suggest that you remove it during the winter and replace it with a standard metal mailbox. Town plows will remove snow as close to mailboxes as possible, however, the detailed removal around the box is the homeowners' responsibility.

Mailbox Installation Information:

  • Make sure that the face of your mailbox is at least 16 feet from the center of the roadway.
  • The bottom of the post or board that the mailbox sits on should be 42" above the height of the road surface.

Street Lights

For any malfunctioning street lights please call:

  • National Grid at 1-800-642-4272

(with pole #, street name, and problem you are reporting)

Or visit here for an online form

Traffic Signals

For any malfunctioning traffic signal on NYS roads please call:

  • NYS traffic Signals at 753-7790

For any malfunctioning traffic signals on Monroe County roads please call:

  • Monroe County traffic Signals at 753-7760

*If the traffic signal lights have a green casing they are NYS jurisdiction and if they have a yellow casing they are Monroe County jurisdiction.

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Local Laws Adopted Dec 2007

- Stormwater Model Final Construction

- Stormwater Post-Construction Model

- Stormwater Illicit Discharge