Permits & Licenses

Permits & Licenses


Building Department

Apply: Building Department, Sweden Town Hall

Building Permit

Building Permit Application

Workers’ Comp Exemption Attestation

Open Burn Permit Application

DEC Provides Advice On Burning Brush Now That Burn Ban Ends

May 18, 2017 - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) advised today that although the ban on burning has ended, residents should use caution when burning brush.

Residents of towns with fewer than 20,000 residents may burn brush and tree limbs unless prohibited by local law. Residents in "fire towns" must obtain a permit.

DEC encourages residents to mulch or compost brush along with other yard waste. In rural areas brush piles can provide habitat for wildlife.

If residents decide to burn brush, consider burning when conditions are more favorable such as during or soon after a rain event, when there is little or no wind to spread the flames, and remember never leave a fire unattended and always be sure the fire is completely out.

Fire safety tips:

  • Check and obey all local laws and ordinances;
  • Never burn garbage, non-woody materials or painted or treated wood. It creates a public health hazard and is illegal in most places;
  • Burn early in the morning when humidity is high and winds are low;
  • Clear all flammable material for a distance of 10 to 15 feet around the material to be burned;
  • Keep piles to be burned small, adding small quantities of material as burning progresses; and
  • Always have a garden hose, shovel, water bucket, or other means to extinguish the fire close at hand.

Follow these steps to ensure a fire is extinguished: 1) Drown the fire with water making sure all materials, embers and coals are wet; 2) Stir the remains, add more water, and stir again.

The DEC FAQs on Open Burning web page provides additional information.

Town Approved Electrical Inspectors

New York Electrical Inspection Agency - 436-4460

Middle Department Inspection Agency - 454-5191

Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service - 624-2380

Plumbing Permit Application

Swimming Pool Permit

Application for Permit C - Swimming Pool / Spa / Hot Tub

Additional Information

Building - Sign Permit

Sign Permit Application

Special Event Sign Permit Application - Civic Organizations

Special Event Sign Permit Application - Businesses

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Application

Application Costs: Area Variance - $300 (first two variances)

Use Variance - $1000

Meeting Schedule - As needed basis.


Apply: Highway Department, Ruth Kruppner

Lakeview cemetery Lot Sales and Services Cost

Burial Order

Lakeview Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Dog License

Apply: Town Clerk, Sweden Town Hall

Dog License (spayed or neutered dog) Costs: $8.50

Certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing proof of spaying or neutering.

Certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing proof of a current rabies shot

Dog License (unspayed or unneutered dog)

Costs: $16.50

Certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing proof of a current rabies shot.

Permits & Licenses

Apply: Town Clerk, Sweden Town Hall

Peddling / Soliciting Permit Application

Fireworks Permit

Handicapped Parking Permit

Conservation Licenses (hunting and fishing)

Marriage License (New York State)

Costs: $40 - cash, check or money order only

Both parties need to come in and have some form of identification and an original birth certificate. Must have any and all divorce, annulment, or death certificates for any previous marriages.

License becomes effective 24 hours following completion of the application and is valid for a period of 60 days.