Sweden Town Board considers vacant building registry

Published March 8th, 2020 by Town Of Sweden

The Sweden Town Board is considering adding a new chapter to the Town Code regarding a Vacant Building Registry. The purpose of the new code is to establish rules for identifying and registering vacant buildings, setting forth various responsibilities of vacant building title holders and enhancing the rehabilitation of vacant buildings.

The proposed Code would require owners of vacant buildings to register the structure with the Sweden Enforcement Officer within 30 days of the building becoming vacant. The owner would be required to submit a plan regarding demolition, continued vacancy or rehabilitation. The proposed code also codifies required maintenance of vacant buildings, along with exemptions, inspections and penalties for offenses.

The Town Board is in the process of making some adjustments to the draft prior to calling a public hearing. The Town is considering several other Sweden Town Code changes at the same time. A public hearing will likely be held in May. The Vacant Building Registry Code, as well as all the other proposed modifications, will be available at the Town Hall and on the Town website prior to the public hearing.